The Perks of Using Mobile VoIP

Seeing how high calling rates have frustrated all, VoIP service comes as a sign of relief. Particularly seeing how recession has struck the global economy, it comes along with a lot of benefits and pocket-friendly calling plans that anyone, even a student doing a part-time job can afford. VoIP service indeed has come up as the modern communication mode. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it sure is the future technology for communication and has already replaced all the previous standards, including the traditional landline services. As far as it’s concerned about the dependability and reliability of the service, VoIP service has gained much quicker popularity all across the globe because of its multiple benefits and feature-rich facility available even on the go. So, yes it is reliable and dependable and becoming top priority of many.


VoIP service is available for residential as well as business communication purposes. You may use it to stay in touch with family and friends regardless of them located inland or even abroad. On the other hand, you can sign up with a VoIP service provider for your office or business communication. You can set up separate extension lines for your employees, send Fax, forward calls to other numbers if not available on one and so much more. Sounding expensive, is it? Well, not really, with VoIP that’s the rule that goes everywhere – pay less, get more! Moreover, with more progress being done in the field to enhance the service further, today Mobile VoIP service is also available to accommodate users who have to often be trips here and there. Mobile VoIP is a newer addition to the VoIP’s successes adding in more portability.

Mobile VoIP service basically depends on technologies namely SIP and UMA. UMA is the short for Unlicensed Mobile Access and is responsible for the provision of IP networks with an ability to function over cell phones and their infrastructure. Additionally, SIP or otherwise session initiation protocol locates is specialized in transmitting digital signals to the other destination. Integrating VoIP with a mobile phone can be attained via various different processes, of which, using a standard SIP client in form of a mobile device is one. It makes use of a data network into transmitting and receiving SIP messages. But before you go on activating your Mobile VoIP, you ought to be sure that your mobile phone supports and accommodates for IP communication. Apart from this one, you can also try executing mobile integration. This employs a gateway like soft switch creating a nexus between SIP and RTP with SS7 infrastructure of mobile network. The best thing about Mobile VoIP is that you can use it anywhere at any time.

All you need is a high speed internet connection to run your VoIP service. Axvoice VoIP provider is the best service available in market today. They not only offer a reliable service, but the calling plans are feature-rich and cost appropriately. Axvoice also offers Mobile VoIP service, so if you want a reliable, fast and efficient service, you know where to go!

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