Take a Leap into the Exotic World of VoIP Service for International Calling

Gone are the days when we had to empty our pockets in order to make long distance international calls to our loved ones. All thanks to the marvelous VoIP Service technology that has revolutionized our entire communication process. Making an international call with a VoIP service is now as easy as 1, 2, and 3.


Different VoIP service providers have amazing VoIP packages for making international calling even more fun with lowest call rates and longest talk time, for example – call2friends. Those who want to make international calls for their business needs or for residential needs can now select different flexible packages which are just perfect for their budgets and unlimited international calling. The concept of per minute charges as done by the traditional phone service is no more a part of communication technology when VoIP service has brought us such remarkable benefits.

Many companies feel a drastic change in their international calling phone bills due to the economical rates of VoIP service. You can even select just one or few countries and get great VoIP calling packages for them specifically in order to fulfill your international calling needs more effectively.

Due to the ever increasing demand of VoIP service globally, more and more VoIP service providers are joining the VoIP industry. The competition between these VoIP service providers is extremely tight and finding the competitive edge is even more challenging. All these service providers compete primarily on different calling rates for national and international dialing followed by competition in different value added features that are a part of different VoIP service packages. Many U.S.A. based VoIP service providers like Axvoice offers unlimited and free calling between U.S.A. and Canada.

Due to the popularity of VoIP and awareness in consumers about the benefits of VoIP service, people are now looking for better and more well-equipped services in VoIP as they know that it is full of many surprises that make communication pleasurable than ever. Therefore, focusing on the value added features that accompany the basic VoIP service facilities is extremely important. The best thing about VoIP service is that it does not include any kind of toll charges unlike the traditional phone service which has different toll charges for national and international dialing. VoIP service gives you unique facilities like virtual number facility, emergency calling facility, call forwarding facility and much more. Moreover, many good VoIP service providers provide a full back-up plan for their VoIP service in case there is an emergency or the VoIP service stops working due to some power break down. Have you ever thought of such ease and convenience with the traditional phone service?

VoIP service is extremely user friendly and it is flexible to be used with not just the regular telephone set but also with a cell phone, personal computer and a laptop. Axvoice is one of the best VoIP service providers at the moment and it is in negotiations with some major cell phone companies to go for a joint venture between the cell phones and the VoIP service facilities. Axvoice is relatively a newer VoIP service provider, yet it has managed to gain a larger customer base and customer loyalty in a short time span due to its exceptional services. Therefore, if you are in search of any good VoIP service provider then Axvoice is certainly the best choice for you.

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