SIP trunks – key protocol of PBX service providers

Today’s contemporary communication is characterized with VoIP technology where VoIP service providers and hosted PBX service providers are dominating the spectrum of connectivity. Modern connectivity services like Vonage, Skype and Google voice are being availed by millions of people via Hosted PBX or hosted VoIP service. The number of business clients of VoIP is increasing day by day owing to the better communication services and reduced cost. However, as far as internet telephony is concerned, Session Initiation Protocol or SIP trunking is the most favorite internet protocol to support VoIP.


SIP though support a number of applications but VoIP is the key application and the reason behind SIP’s sudden burst of popularity. The fact that in addition to newer and SIP friendly telephone systems, SIP can also be made useable on older ones with addition of mere an integration box, has rendered SIP a highly favorite protocol of hosted PBX providers. SIP places a number of advantages over the users.

Unlike conventional telephone systems where services like Direct Inward Dial or DID were extensively expensive, hosted PBX has now made it possible to avail such a facility at the primary rate without any additional cost. Through DiD, one can make direct calls to a given extension. DIDs can now be provided by SIP trunks economically.

The telephone numbers operational for SIP are not region specific i.e. one can have a local number of any region whilst residing at any place.

Another benefit associated with SIP providers is the reduced cost at which they provide several paths for concurrent calls which was traditionally very expensive. Besides, SIP also suggests the correct number of concurrent call lines that might be required for a given company.

SIP trunk can offer a best back up circuit for the clients who cannot afford to survive without conventional telephones. SIP trunks might help them control their communicate budget to a certain extent.

SIP providers owing to their soft switches can better locate lost customers. The ability of SIP trunk providers to re-route calls to even mobile numbers help them trace the customers at their point of presence.

SIP trunks offer a range of need specific packages for businessmen to select the suited package as per their needs. Such multiple packages have rendered long distance calling considerably affordable.

SIP trunk providers have a flexible architecture that can be molded as per the users requirements. Therefore, SIP providers like Axvoice are always able to cater the ever changing customers’ needs and requirements. Axvoice can offer the number of features that suit you more on your demand within hours without even your being through the hassle of line me nor service technician.

Axvoice is one such SIP provider as offers a number of beneficial features that are flexible, adaptive and economical. A number of features offered now by Axvoice are not be found in traditional telephone line service.

Hosted VoIP and hosted PBX service providers like Axvoice can benefit anyone even having old telephony systems through integration boxes. Now business can be benefitted by such modern services without having to alter their conventional set up.

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