Mobile VoIP – The much needed change of telecommunication industry

Telephone was an excellent technology of its time. It climbed many obstacles and became a globally used telecommunication technology. Telephone however has become an aging technology. It has many limitations that it can never overcome because of its dependence on the same old system of copper wires and analog signals.

After telephone came the cell phones. Cell phone’s biggest advantage was that they were portable and you could listen to the phone calls while you were on the move. However, again cell phone had many problems apart from being a very expensive alternate to the telephone service.

mobile voip

VoIP entered the market to replace the telephone. Slowly but surely it has been successfully able to make telephone users switch to it because of the extra ordinary benefits it is capable of offering. However, the demands of the modern phone users are changing very fast. They want a lot more from their phone service and one factor that has always been a weakness of VoIP is the portability like a cell phone. For that purpose, VoIP manufacturers have extensively worked on the new technology called Mobile VoIP to eliminate all the deficiencies that this service has.

Mobile VoIP evolution

Mobile VoIP idea was not an easy thing to accomplish. It went through a range of different tests before it became usable. The first major hurdle in its way was the unavailability of a faster internet connection. Slow wireless internet connections were not able to deliver the data transfer speed required for mobile VoIP. There has been a lot of research and development on the wireless internet connection, which has lead to many new inventions. The first major hope had been brought through the introduction of the 3G or the third generation of the wireless internet connection. Earlier it looked very promising but later the industry experts realized that 3G connection data transfer speed was just enough to make or receive VoIP calls but that it lacked the speed that was required for better voice quality and more reliability. Fourth generation wireless internet connection was later devised which had a lot faster internet speed. 3G only offered data transfer speeds of up to 40 mega bits per second, which was slow. 4G or fourth generation wireless internet on the other hand, offers the possibility of enjoying all the VoIP services like the way you enjoy on your usual IP phone. A good service like Axvoice and a good wireless internet connection will let you enjoy all the benefits of the VoIP on your mobile phone.

Future challenges to the mobile VoIP

In spite of becoming a reality, mobile VoIP still has a very long way to go. The first big challenge is that there is not that much high demand in all parts of the world for this kind of technology. This can take a lot of time to build. Secondly, many cellular companies do not see any benefit in installing faster wireless internet connection everywhere, which is another major discourager. Lastly, this service still is in its infancy stage and many parts of the world even do not yet know about it. Despite of all these problems, this service because of extra ordinary benefits is poised to grow beyond proportions.

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