International barriers to VoIP phones

Over recent years, this fact has been strongly established that present era is the era of communication where the information is not confined within the boundaries of a nation; rather modern gadgets facilitate the flow of information across the geographical boundaries. At present, it is hard to believe for a nation to keep progressing without sharing its commodities with the international market where by information being the most expensive commodity at present. This very concept is explained by the termed globalization that depicts the wholeness or inter connectivity of the entire world. This inter connectivity is only possible when the nations become receptive towards each other and keep exchanging information across their borders. Where exchange of information is that important on one hand, secrecy of certain information is also inevitable for nations, which has rendered the contemporary gadgets somewhat dangerous for certain nations, VoIP phone being the top of list.

Conventional telephonic systems were more suited to the government of intelligence agencies’ checks and balances as they allowed the tapping of calls with easy equipment and were easier to be bugged and trace the callers. Besides, the mechanism of primitive phones was such as allowed to track the location from where the call is being made and what is the destination of the call. Such features were more suitable for the government to track down the records when and where necessary for several security issues. Such processes are complicated to a great deal by VoIP phones as they offer more privacy to the users. VoIP phone users may transmit their information to their required destination with hundred percent secrecy. Furthermore, the internet basis of VoIP phones inhibits the easy tracking of the location of caller as in the case of traditional phones. Such increased privacy associated with VoIP phones is what annoys the governments.
Another big reason for which several countries do not encourage VoIP phones highly is the disruptive nature of VoIP. The mechanism on which VoIP phone is based allows entirely free call making across long distance whilst ensuring high voice quality and better call features as compared to the traditional phones. Dawn of such low costing invention often turns out to be a strike for the primitive expensive modes and consequently the market gets highly affected. To protect the benefit of certain telecommunication firms, several governments are inclined to keep a check on the growth of VoIP as their own interests manifest in the expansive telecommunication.
Since telecommunication companies are amongst the supreme riches of the world, they are in better position of advocating their own interest rather than the governments. Therefore, in several countries, including US, telecommunication firms tend to seek a legal blanket to put certain regulations on VoIP phones.
However despite of several fears and insecurities, VoIP industry is progressing with every passing day and the circle of its acceptance is increasingly expanding. Service providers like Axvoice are providing excellence in the VoIP industry to better serve the customers with real essence of this beneficial technology.

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