Ensuring security of the internet phone service

It is very easy to say that just subscribe to any internet phone service, however, in reality there are a lot of things to look at before selecting a VoIP service. One of the extremely important traits of a good VoIP provider is the security that it offers to its phone users. Many of the leading VoIP companies offer you a lot of features but when it comes to security, they just do not deliver even the bare minimum requirements of a security phone. Here is a list of things that you need to look at in order to improve the security of your phone.



Firewalls are special purpose pieces of software that are installed to ensure that no unauthorized access is permitted to your phone. Like any other device, internet phone uses internet for communication and it is very important to define the authorization settings in order to fully secure your phone system. Firewall allows you to finely choose just the right phone settings in order to ensure that your independence in terms of making phone calls isn’t hurt and still your phone is secure according to your own needs. Most of the good VoIP providers offer the firewall settings at the phone user end so the subscriber can adjust settings according to his own specific requirements.

Firmware updates

Firmware is the software which runs your phone. When your firmware gets old, it is time to update it, and you should keep doing that on regular basis. When the firmware gets older, hackers tend to find security loopholes and penetrate through them. Most of the internet phone service providers keep on updating their phone service with newer firmware updates to ensure that no such mishap takes place at all. Therefore, always ensure that your phone has the most update version of firmware available.


When we use our internet phone, our VoIP providers always encrypt all the voice data that is sent through the internet to the phone user at the other end. However, there is a difference between the types of technologies used in encryption. If your internet phone service uses an inferior technology for encrypting the voice calls, then the phone call quality will be seriously compromised. Not all encrypting technologies are harmless to the voice quality. There needs to be a fine balance between the security of phone calls and the voice quality delivered to the end phone user.

Personal information safety

In the recent attacks on the different bigger services of different kind, many of the important contacts of customers have been lost. This is a terrible thing to happen on the part of the service provider. Prudent VoIP providers ensure that all personal information of the customers is stored at a much safer location, so no hacker has access to them in case of a security breach. Do ask your VoIP provider measures which would help protect your personal information in case of such a kind of eventuality.

It is important to seek information on the level of security that your VoIP phone service is able and willing to offer. Only this way you will be able to have a more secure internet phone service.

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