Business phone service VS landline – Which one is the best?

Internet phone is a well recognized technology. Increasing number of DSL internet connection subscribers has also increased the number of people using business phone service. VoIP is a special technology that uses a specific protocol named voice over internet protocol for sending and receiving voice communications over the internet. Most of the times traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) struggles to provide better phone service to the subscribers. There are many terms that are used to describe the internet phone service including broadband phone, hosted IP, voice over broadband, internet telephony and IP telephony.

Business owners and entrepreneurs love to use business phone service of internet phone instead of the usual landline phone. There is no great difference between the Business VoIP and the internet phone used by the residential VoIP users. The slight difference is that business VoIP is added PBX which enhances its usability for the business phone users. Let us have a look at the benefits of business phone service.


Superior voice quality

A key consideration in having an internet phone is the voice quality. Businesses have to use their phone to remain in communication with different stakeholders; therefore they need a phone that does not compromise on the voice in any way. Weather creates electric interferences which directly affect the ordinary landline phone service. However, internet phone is not affected by these kinds of problems and you enjoy a crystal clear voice provided by any good VoIP provider like Axvoice.

Dropping of phone calls

Landline phone has been notorious in handling calls and does have the tendency to drop phone calls. This is another factor affecting the quality of the phone calls that you make or receive. VoIP phone on the other hand, offers a smooth connection. The tendency of dropping phone calls is close to none when we are talking about the business phone service.

Phone call charges

When phone users make long distance phone calls from a landline phone, they have to dearly pay for the costs. Business phone users usually have a lot of long distance phone calls to make and the volume of calls that they have is also very big. They need to have a phone service which charges them nominally without disrupting their monthly phone bill budgets. You can select from any of the high value for money call plans that pack in themselves excellent service features, saving you a lot of money.

Maintenance costs

The cost of maintaining a regular landline phone network is very high. There are frequent repairs to be done. A PSTN service cannot consistently provide high voice quality to its customers without regular maintenance. On the other hand, maintenance costs for the VoIP services are very low. This low cost benefit is transferred to the customers as well.

Ease of use

Despite of the fact that internet phone is an altogether a different technology then the landline phone, still it is used the same way as the ordinary landline phone service. This is an excellent advantage as many novice landline phone users do not switch to internet phone because they think it would be difficult to learn its usage.

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